Using Tags for Resource Groups in Azure

Azure Resource tags logically organizes resources.

You apply tags to your Azure resources giving metadata to logically organize them into a taxonomy. Each tag consists of a name and a value pair.

For example, you can apply the name “Environment” and the value “Production” to all the resources in production.

After you apply tags, you can retrieve all the resources in your subscription with that tag name and value. Tags enable you to retrieve related resources from different resource groups. This approach is helpful when you need to organize resources for billing or management.

The following limitations apply to tags:

  • Not all resource types support tags. To determine if you can apply a tag to a resource type.
  • Each resource or resource group can have a maximum of 15 tag name/value pairs. This limitation applies only to tags directly applied to the resource group or resource. A resource group can contain many resources that each have 15 tag name/value pairs. If you have more than 15 values that you need to associate with a resource, use a JSON string for the tag value. The JSON string can contain many values that are applied to a single tag name.
  • The tag name is limited to 512 characters, and the tag value is limited to 256 characters. For storage accounts, the tag name is limited to 128 characters, and the tag value is limited to 256 characters.
  • Virtual Machines are limited to a total of 2048 characters for all tag names and values.
  • Tags applied to the resource group are not inherited by the resources in that resource group.
  • Tags can’t be applied to classic resources such as Cloud Services.
  • Tag names can’t contain these characters: <, >, %, &, \, ?, /

This blog post shows how to configure Azure Resource Tags in the portal.

Configure resource tag in the portal


Sign in to the Azure portal at with your Azure account.

On the left pane of the dashboard, click Resource Groups

Double-Click on the resource group

To add a tag, select Click here to add tags.

Provide a name and value. Continue adding tags as needed. When done, select Save.

The tags are now displayed in the overview.

To view all resources with a tag


Select All services and Tags.

All resources with that tag are displayed.

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