Configuring Conditional Access for Azure Management


Conditional Access in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) controls access to cloud apps based on specific conditions that you specify. To allow access, you create Conditional Access policies that allow or block access based on whether or not the requirements in the policy are met.

Typically, you use Conditional Access to control access to your cloud apps. You can also set up policies to control access to Azure management based on certain conditions (such as sign-in risk, location, or device) and to enforce requirements like multi-factor authentication. 


Access to an Azure AD Premium edition – Azure AD Conditional Access is an Azure AD Premium capability.

To configure your Conditional Access policy:

Sign in to your Azure portal as global administrator, security administrator, or a Conditional Access administrator.

In the Azure portal, on the left navbar, click Azure Active Directory.

On the Azure Active Directory page, in the Security section, click Conditional Access.

On the Conditional Access page, in the toolbar on the top, click New policy.

On the New page, in the Name textbox, type AzureManagementConditionalAccess.

Click Cloud apps or actions, then Select Microsoft Azure Management and
click select.

On the cloud apps or actions page, click Done.

Now we will select the conditions where we will block and allow user access, click Conditions;

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